Why does my iPad record better than my Lumix camera

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      Hi, everyone. I'm new at this forum. I want to start making videos more seriously so the first thing I want to improve it's the quality of my videos. I have no money to buy a good camera so I'm using an old Lumix (or Panasonic, I don't know) camera that records at 848×480 (Panasonic DMC-FZ18) . However, I have an iPad Mini that records with a better quality than the Lumix camera and I cannot understand why. My camera has a big len whereas my iPad has small and tiny one. So what makes the iPad better when filming? And I need an advice, too. What do you recommend to me: recording with my old camera or recording with the iPad Mini?


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      Hi blancoarnau, I wrote a series of long answers in Howard Lane's question: What is Broadcast Quality.


      In my answersI touch on several technical reasons why different cameras deliver different quality footage. I hope those answers help you in understanding the technical issues, I have myself encountered when I aim to get good quality images from shoe string budget camera equipment.


      Although in this case, part of the answer is in the resolution, measured in the amount of pixels, provided by the 848 x 480 Lumix camera referred to as Standard Defintion, versus the higher resolution of the iPad Mini's main camera at 1080p, which is High Definition.


      I would shoot with the iPad Mini, and start learning about lighting design; there are some good videos on YouTube that can help with this. Also watch videos on good Cinematographic practise, such as the rule of thirds, the use of panning to give the impression of motion to an audience, and learn about post production tools including color grading or correction.


      I would recommend spending as much time as you can first mastering how to take good quality still images, learn about composition and framing. Still images/photos also may require color grading/correction, or adjustment of the contrast, brightness or focus of different parts of a scene. Then start experimenting with moving images. 

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