Why Do Videos Stall Or Buffer?

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      I've seen some discussions on this subject but nothing in detail. Would you blame stalling or buffering (waiting to load) due to the platform used, or video upload size (1080, 720p etc) Considering I'm on DSL I don't have the luxury of seeing many 1080p videos. Even 720p has problems. But the question is aimed more at preventing these problems for potential viewers.

      Any direction to improve? 
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      Bit rate. Bit rate effects quality and some platforms allow higher bitrates than others. Some cable systems allow higher download speeds than others do, so its a balance in targeting your audience. 

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      What bit rate is your DSL service? Not all DSL's are created equal.



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      I seem to get this all the time while viewing Vimeo regardless of the videos selected. Is that a Vimeo issue? Viewed both with DSL and Comcast high speed.

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      It is depend on your device and internet connection.If your device does not support high resolution videos then you can not watch your high quality video with that and your video start buffering.Sometimes due to slow internet speed your video takes more time to play.

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      Delete cookies in your browser from settings and try again. Sometimes high traffic can also be the reason for this issue.

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