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Why do final DVD skips?

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    What am i doing wrong?
    I notice the dvd i make skips frames (like a slight half-sec freeze) every few minutes.

    1. I record video as 60i. (GH2)
    2. Then I color/audio grade the footage into a 29.97fps file (via Magix Editing software).
    3. Then I burn the file on DVD (via Cyberlink Powerproducer).

    Should i be shooting raw in 23.97 fps instead? or 29.97 fps instead?
    i know i don’t have the best editing software but this is all i have now.
    Or is there another software (not too pricey) that can help remove the skipping?

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    Before you burn your DVD, is there a parameter you can adjust that allows you do dicate the bit rate? That option should be available somewhere. If the bit rate is too high, your DVD player will not be able to read all the the data, which maybe why your DVD is skipping.


    The average bit rate of your DVD should be about 6mbps and the max bit rate should be no more than 7.5mbps. Those are just general guidelines.

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    unfortunately no, those options don't exist (in the software i have).  it just takes the 29.97, generates the .VOB files, then burns onto disc.

    So I assume, the software as automatically downgrading the 29.97 file into a 6-7mbps .VOB file. 


    By the way, checking the disc properties of what i burned, the dvd properties says 29.97 fps. 
    Is this too high for a typical dvd player?

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    29.97 is the frame rate, not the bit rate. And that frame rate meets DVD spec anyway, so that's not the problem. 


    The problem is likely the bit rate, in my opinion.


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