Why are my audio tracks out of sync???

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      Setup: Camcorder with shotgun mic, also a lavalier mic going into a handheld recorder. Both are set to record stereo at 48000 Hz. But when I lay both tracks on the timeline in post, the audio from the recorder plays back slightly slower. If I line the audio peaks up at the beginning, they get progressively more and more out of sync as the video goes on.


      If I do a time stretch to 99.25% for the recorder audio, they line up fine. I really don't want to always have to do a time stretch every time I want to lay down an audio track from the recorder. I don't get why this is happening in the first place. Any ideas?

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      I think it's a bit overly optimistic to think that inexpensive gear will have rock solid, identical sampling rates. Beyond that, there may be a time base discrepancy in that your footage may be at drop frame ( 29.97 frames per second ) and your recorder at 30 frames per second. Such a discrepancy usually accounts for ( I think I remember correctly ) about 10 frames in about 10 minutes of running time. Your " fix " may be as good as it gets without a common sync source . . . . which consumer, prosumer, semi-professional gear can't accomodate.Rick Crampton

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