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      Hi Everyone,

      I created a website where video editors can make money online by selling editing services to both home and business users.

      It's in a beta testing phase so it's still a little rough (I am working on redesigning it, this time with a professional designer, up until know I did most of the design myself ;-)), but in the meanwhile editors are welcome to sign up at: http://videocutters.com .

      Signing up is 100% free, I plan to keep the site alive by charging a commission for every job mediated.


      As I said, it's still not yet 100%, but nevertheless I would be happy to have some feedback on it- Do you think it's a good idea? Would you use it? How much would you typically charge someone to edit their home video? Let me hear your thoughts!






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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Mind me asking, but what are your plans to market this website? Do you have any expectations on how many people will use that service? 


      Is a great concept, but your marketing needs to be rock solid. Let us know your thoughts on this. 

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      Thanks lomaymi for your reply. The marketing part is ineed a little tricky. there are two parts to it:

      1. Getting editors to sign up.

      2. Getting home users to purchase editing services on the website.

      Definately a challenge, and I'll be happy to hear any ideas on this.

      My thinking was that first we need to have a solid service, then worry about the marketing. The open beta we are running now is intended to validate the idea behind the website. Or, if you like, to answer the million dollar question:

      Can video editting services be sold online?

      If they can there's a large public than can benefit from it.



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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Can video editting services be sold online?

      I strongly believe it can. Internet speeds today makes it accesible for almost anyone to transfer files with ease.  
      My main concern is if I'm an editor registered on your site approximately how much time will it take to get a gig? (weeks, months, a year). There is a large public that may be interested on using videocutters, but getting to them is, like you said, definetly a challenge.  I believe that to make this work a large part of your page earnings should be invested on advertising (magazines, PPC, ads on specific websites, etc). 
      When will the beta end? I may be ale to squeeze some time in my schedule to help you. 
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      I went ahead and checked out you FAQ section. One problem I see is you state no money to the editor up front. Your best editors dont work for free and require a portion upfront and full pay AT delivery. I will warcg this and see how you do. Good luck to you!

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      Hi dagunner,

      Thanks for your comment, feedback taken!

      I don't expect people will be running multi-thousand dollar jobs on the website at first, but rather smaller jobs, so the risk of not being paid is not so great.

      I agree that for larger jobs we need payment milestones. I'll add it to our roadmap!

      Thanks again,



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      I could be wrong ( frequently am ) but it seems to me that a person would be reluctant to turn over their footage w/o a detailed and lengthy discussion with the editor as to what are the really important shots to the shooter, what message is to be carried thru the end product, etc., and wouldn't this be best discussed in person while viewing the raw footage?


      Would a person clip a number of magazine photos from, say, Fine Homebuilding Magazine, stuff them in an envelope and mail them off to a mail-order architect expecting him to design their dream home?


      Rick Crampton

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      Hi Rick,

      You may be right about this: having a video edited is probably not a "fire and forget" thing.

      Over time, we may develop interfaces that allow the editor and the client to review media together.

      Right now, I am hoping that simple home videos can be managed this way, along with a few iterations of feedback.




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