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      When shooting on a white cyc how do you get the floor to be white without space lights? If you get the bg lit with 2 5k's (20-30 ft cyc) pull the talent out and light them with kinos or diffused 5k does the bounce from all the white fill the floor enough to make it seem like "white limbo?" My concern is you get you bg lit fine but in the wide the floor will turn "dirty white"




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      Maybe I am not understanding the setup correctly  but assuming that I have read it right you are (a) lighting the background with 2 5ks (b) lighting the talent with kinos.


      It's probable that your floor without any extra reflection (eg from ceiling reflectors or other lighting) will probably register a stop or so darker. Not likely the bg will reflect enough back to give it solid lighting and because of 'fall off' you will end up with the white being graduated.


      Depends on whether you are expecting absolute white and equality in all dimensions.  If it is the white tent effect that one would use for product shots etc then you need to get some reflection/fill light from above.


      I hope this helps. Good luck to you and best wishes.

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