White Balancing with Moving Cameras

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      I am shooting real estate video tours often using a Ronin moving room to room. Often I walk out one room that could have a lot of daylight coming into a more incadescent lit room. I am finding my colors in a lot of the rooms are way off while sometimes they are dead on. Because the camera is always moving to rooms with different color temps, etc. how do I successfully captrure each room with its true colors. I am using a Canon 70D. I dont set up any lighting instruments. I am simply using the lights fixed in the homes and daylight spilling from the window. Alot of the windows do not have drapes or blinds. Looking for some suggestions because I spending too much time in post. 

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      While shooting I would set the camera on Auto White Balance. You're probably already doing this.

      In Post I would create two tracks in my editing software (Sony Vegas 13) I would then sort the rooms in the shoot by "Mostly daylight," "Mostly incandescent."One set goes on track 1, one on track 2.

      Then I would use Curves to warm the blue on the "mostly daylight" track, and Curves to cool the yellow on the incandescent track. By placing each group on a separate track you're essentially creating a batch adjustment. It won't be perfect but should cut down a great deal on post time.

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