Which to shoot in, AVCHD or MP4?

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      Looking for advice on which format to shoot in, I have a Canon Vixia HF G30 that I’m filming hunting with. We are going to start editing video to play most of it on YouTube although when we have enough footage we are going to make/sell dvd’s. So my question is what should I shoot in? AVCHD or MP4. From what I’ve read uploading video to YouTube is much easier when its in MP4 opposed from the AVCHD. Should I sacrifice quality for ease of uploading? I appreciate any input. Also I’m looking for a good (cheaper) video editing software for windows. Adobe seems a little too much $ for me at the moment, plus its only a subscription.

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      I shoot in AVCHD and output the video as a high quality WMV file before uploading it to YouTube. The image quality of the video still looks OK to me online but I guess it also depends on your own personal standard. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to sacrifice the quality of your raw footage especially if you are planning to use it for business.

      Adobe suite of software are really targeted at professionals who are in established production businesses. There are many other choices out there that cater to businesses with less budget. Just google around for reviews and I am sure you will find one that fits your needs.

      All the best in your new venture!

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      As you have a Canon Vixia G30, (I use a Legria G40), I would suggest you shoot at 60p MP4 35MBps. The Canon uses the CABAC lossless encoding scheme in MP4 as well as AVCHD so takes full advantage of the higher bit rate in the MP4 mode giving you more detail in the picture.
      As to editing software. If you don’t mind quite a steep learning curve, I would recommend the free version of Blackmagics DaVinci Resolve.

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