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      Hey guys,


      I'm very new to the editing game and just finished editing my first home video with Adobe Premiere CS6. I have another video to edit now that is full of high resolution 1080p clips taken from both a DSLR and a RED EPIC, those clips take FOREVER to render on my machine, even though my machine is pretty powerful (8GB of DDR3, Core i7, 2 Velociraptur drives in RAID0).


      Is there a card/interface I can add to my computer to make rendering and maybe even playback without rendering go smoothly? I don't really need a capture card since all the video I use is already in files and I just read it off SD cards.


      Any recommendations?

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      My suggestion is throw everything into premiere or evenbetter adobe media encoder encoded the files go have lunch or whatever you want come back and use the footage for your software. Sadly even now it is hard to get good computer that can handle red footage well without paying 8,000 for a computer. Encoding will help a lot though, the only hardware computer hardware you can get from red is a capture card. (Also are you playing off of sd's, if so are they class 10?

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      If your RED files are the native R3D files, a RED Rocket card will accelerate playback and transcoding times.


      Quadro 4000 GPUs will also accelerate general playback in Adobe.


      As stated earlier, though, perfomance comes with a hefty price tag.


      And just as an FYI, capture cards are important for more things than capturing footage. They're necessary for accurately monitoring your video clips, too.

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      I have a Dell desktop with specs similar to yours.  I have a Dell OEM NVIDA card that isn't on the Mercury engine list but I found instructions on how to edit the supported card list and it works great.  Last week I added 8GB more memory which has helped loading media.  My "last" planned upgrade is to add a 256GB internal SSD to hold projects as they are being edited.  I will move them to USB3 or eSATA external drives I am currently editing on.  I edit two camera 1080P footage and output at 720p for the web.  Most of my progects have 60-100GB of raw footage.  Next week I am trying a 6 camera edit just for the fun of it.

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      Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that your Premiere Pro CS6 is up to date.  After only THREE YEARS of fighting with Premiere Pro's issues of stuttering during playback while editing, Adobe has FINALLY fixed this problem.  I started HD with CS4 and this is STILL listed as one of the top tech support problems on the Adobe website.


      After THREE YEARS of frustration and angry clients and WEEKS UPON WEEKS of wasted editing time because of the Adobe software issue, IT FINALLY WORKS! 


      On my Q8200 quad core, with 6 GB of RAM and stripped ESATA drives I can now FINALLY edit in the foreground with the Media Encoder rendering in the background and still not have ANY lag while editing or viewing transitions.


      I REALLY LOVE the Adobe subscription model because tech support no longer ignores you as a user NOR do they give the answer of "SUCKS TO BE YOU SAHEB.  PERHAPS THIS WILL BE FIXED IN THE NEXT UPDATE.  HAVE YOU POSTED A BUG REPORT ON THIS YET?"  With the ability to have my credit card company charge back the money for non performance, I am getting WAY better service out of Adobe.


      Rendering 4K video will require a very strong Nvidia Cuda card, a stripped hard drive, 6 Gig or better of memory and at least your quad core.  DON'T try to do any serious editing work on the on board computer video.  Go out and spend $50 – $100 to get you an Nvidia card.  Your Power Supply will dictate your board choice.  I use an GT 430.

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