Which DSLR natively supports ability to use as Webcam?

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      I would like to be able to use my DSLR natively as a webcam as well so I can view what's being recorded on my pc. However, it seems that most DSLRs do not support this feature and I would have to set up an application like Sparkocam (if I could even get it to work) or use an HDMI capture device, although I'm not sure if this would even work to use it as a webcam.


      But if I could get a DSLR which natively supports being used as a webcam, then it would significantly influence which DSLR I want to get since this is a MAJOR FEATURE I want as I have been desiring this feature for YEARS.

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      CHeck out this Youtube video:


      or just Google "dslr as webcam"

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