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      I tried to find answers by searching for existing topics of this subject but couldnt really get to any conclusion.. I'm currently using Canon XA10 camcorder and i have decided to purchase dslr camera for filming more "artistic" video material (Short films, concerts etc.)


      My budget is  around 2700$ (~2000€) for the whole package (body and lens). So i'm looking for the best possible DSLR for video inside my budget. I would also like to hear opinions about Full frame sensor vs. Crop sensor and should i be looking for dslr capable of 60fps or does the 30fps or so do the trick? I think that articulating screen is a must have feature. But is it? Should i consider a camera that doesnt have articulating screen and get a external monitor?


      At this point my own top choices would be Canon 70D, Canon T5i or Sony A99. What would you suggest?



      PS. I'm from Finland so thats why my english is not perfect πŸ™‚

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      Hi Sup3rnova,

           First off, your English is great.  No worries there.

           Second, I use a Panasonic DMC-GH2.  I love it.  Color reporduction is great.  It works well in low light, etc.  That said, it's an old camera.  Panasonic recently released the DMC-GH4.  The GH4 is 2 generations newer than my camera, therefore has even more features, including the ability to shoot at 60 FPS progressive, as well as 4K resolution.  The body is about $1700.  Now, it is not a full frame camera; it is a micro 4/3 camera, so there is a crop factor with the image sensor.  But the image sensor would still be bigger than that of a normal camcorder.  Also, using a micro 4/3 system, your lens options open up a little with the use of adaptors.  If in the future your budget gets a little increase, you can also buy the docking station for it that gives you even more options, like connecting audio via XLR.  I would recommend giving the Panasonic DMC-GH4 a look.

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      Thank you for your response, mcrockett.

      I studied the GH4 a little and compared it to 70D. The GH4 truly is a good option over 70D but i'm worried about the video autofocus on GH4. It uses contrast detection when 70D uses phase detection which is faster, right? So is this something that could be decisive factor to choose the 70D?

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      Honestly, I rarely use autofocus when I'm shooting professional video. I always set my focus manually. The Panasonic has a focus assist which is nice. When I have played with the autofocus of my GH2, it seemed to work well. However, the 70D is known for its superb autofocus. I guess it just depends on what you plan to be shooting. 

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      Hi Sup3rnova – I agree 100% with mcrockett.  I started off with Canon, but switched to Panasonic GH cameras because they have:


      – a lot less artifacting and moire than Sony or Canon cameras


      – headphone jacks (GH3 amd GH4 only)


      – higher frame rate and bit rate recording than Canon


      – hours-long continuous recording (in the States) – much longer than Canon and Sony's 30 minute continuous recording limit.


      If you can, order a US version of the GH4 from Adorama for $1697.99 (plus shipping and duties) – it is a world camera that is compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz frame rates, to include 24fps, 25fps, 50fps and 60fps.


      And its maximum frame rate is 1080/96p, not 1080/60p.  So you can record in-camera high definition slow motion, as seen here:







      It also has a built-in intervalometer for timelapse, as seen here:







      You can see many more examples of what this camera can do posted to the GH4K group I moderate over on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/groups/gh4k



      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution



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      If your wanting good quality dslr video your going to have to spend a little bit of money.

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      Here is a nice comparison of GH3 and 70D autofocus speeds:







      I have shot with the GH4 and its new DFD autofocus is even faster than the GH3's.  If you come from camcorders and you're accustomed to shooting video with autofocus, the GH3, GH4 and 70D are pretty much the only cameras with video autofocus that is fast enough for run and gun.






      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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