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      Quick question. My wedding is coming up Saturday
      I hired a photographer but am having friends and family shooting video with my equipment. I have the choice of my
      Nikon d500
      Sony A7Rii
      Sony A6300
      I plan to set them in 4k and export in post to 1080p
      Which would you choose. It will be on my Crane 2 gimbal
      Thank you very much

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      Hi, Sony A6300 has a 24.0MP APS-C sensor whereas Sony A7R II has a 42.0MP Full frame sensor. According to me you should go with Sony A7R II. 

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      Don't worry about sensor size or megapixel count. Just take a moment TODAY to take all three of them to the venue and see which one works best in that spacce and lighting conditions.

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