Where’s Birdcat? Bruce Paul.

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      C'Ville you messaged and asked me if I knew anything about Bruce Paul's passing. I do not. But I was saddened to hear of his passing last November. He was a great guy and an incredibly awesome fighter against the debilitating disease he battled for several years. Even if you didn't KNOW him, he made it easy to like him. And his information was always solid, well thought out and gently delivered no matter how silly the question may have been.


      This is the obituary Cville found on Bruce Paul aka Birdcat. At one time, with his full beard, and healthy body, Bruce, a large man, lived up to his nom de clure. I said this originally, thinking Bearcat, which fits, but Birdcat it was and I forget what he once told us was the story behind that user name.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      May Bruce Paul rest in peace, happily producing videos in heaven. He's probably casting angels for his next project right about now πŸ™‚


      PS: Wasn't his username Birdcat? 



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      Sorry to hear Birdcat has passed on. I enjoyed reading his comments.

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      Birdcat will be missed. I always looked for any posting of his on this site. As EarlC said, Birdcat always gave sage advice and well-thoughtout information. I especially studed his responses because we used similar equipment and software. As with a number of the senior members here, I owe a lot of my knowledge to them. I've thanked Birdcat and others for their help and I am indebted to them. Thanks again Birdcat and Godspeed.

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      Vid-e-o-man  I must echo your comments.  I own a lot of the digital juice products because of Birdcat. 


      Some of he last posts he made here he was working on a major project. He posted some photos from his production. From his comment he was enjoying the challenge. 


      RIP Birdcat

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      Very sad! I would have to agree with everything said, he will be missed around here.

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      Not to make a pun on old jokes but I did not know he was sick. He was a wealth of knowlede to VM and will be sorely missed.

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