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      Hey guys.

      So basically am planning to shoot videos for YouTube, and am totally confused as to what equipment’s to buy for my daily shoot. I am a total Noob when it comes to cameras please bear with me.

      First of all my my basic concerns is space i live in a small apartment and my room is around 9/9foot.

      The quality am looking forward is a Good Full HD crispy educational videos where i am gonna feature myself πŸ˜› and photos(for occasional use) however my budget is somewhere around 1000$ to 1100$(for camera and lens) cant exceed that because i have to buy Microphones, lighting and artifacts.

      My questions are.

      1. WHAT CAMERA???!!!! (i think Canon 70D would be a better choice what do you guys think?).

      2. What LENS? (will 18-55 work well in my small 9/9 foot room? I want that BOKEH so bad, will this lens offer me that shallow depth of field?) and guys i will do some outdoor handheld shooting as well so please suggest me some lens which has good IS.

      3. I know built in mic sucks so am planning to buy a Zoom H1 with a lav because my neighborhood is too noisy and i want the noise to be isolated. So i guess a Lav with Zoom H1 would work well!? BUDGET IS AROUND 150$

      4.Basically am planning to buy a Green screen because of my crappy looking walls but my concerns are i have to be at least 5 feet away from screen to avoid the green spills however my camera would be just 4 feet away from me i think that would suck? no idea just guessing never have i ever used a DSLR. What do you guys suggest?

      5. What lighting’s should i use? could you guys please recommend me some cheap and best dimmable lighting’s?

      Please do answer my questions it would mean a lot to me.

      Thanks a lot

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      Mike Wilhelm

      Since you're on a budget, try to find a used Canon T2i on eBay. For a lens, I'd suggest a 24mm 2.8 (since your room is pretty small).  If you have an iPhone, you can use a Rode SmartLav for your mic and record audio onto your phone.

      For lights, just get some clamp lights from the hardware store and plug them into a Router Speed Control (they work great as dimmers): http://www.harborfreight.com/router-speed-control-43060.html

      We recently published an article about this exact topic if you're curious: http://www.videomaker.com/article/f04/17142-create-a-youtube-studio-in-your-room

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