Where to move and find a job in post-production?

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      Hi everybody! I'm an Italian young film editor and I'd like to move from Italy to USA.
      My main competences is Film Editing/Post Production/Compositing.

      Where would you reccomend me to move and why? 
      How should I move to find a job in the first days/months? 
      Should I look for any schools? 

      Thanks a lot

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      After working in the performing and visual arts for more than 60 years, here's the best advice I can give you. Please understand that I'm not putting you down or being flippant, just trying to tell things like they really are.


      Move to a city that has videomaking potential — New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc., in the U.S., Vancouver, Toronto in Canada. Almost any city in the U.S. will have a handful of companies doing film and video production but based on my experience few of the smaller market areas will have much turnover in their production company staffing from one year to the next. Finding jobs in production is increasingly difficult.


      Move to a city that has lots of Starbucks and good restaurants as you will surely need to work in jobs like these to provide for yourself while looking for work in your chosen field. I don't know a single actor or technician who hasn't waited on tables or driven a delivery truck at various times in their careers.


      Be willing to take any job related to your goals. Don't be afraid to sign on as a cable puller or grip, even if it pays very little. Somebody has to download from memory cards to the computer: be that guy! Anything that will get your foot in the door is worth doing. Your compositing skills, if you're top-flight in PhotoShop and After Effects, may be your strongest selling point.


      Schools are o.k., depending on the level of your skills now. If you find a school that can actually give you hands-on experience,  that has a good network of graduates who can help you find work and that can teach you things you don't already know it might be worth what it will cost. Be very careful, though; lots of schools are very heavy in liberal arts courses — theory, history, etc., — and provide a minimum of actual practice. Community Colleges and vocational/technical schools are much more likely than universities to have useful programs.


      Good luck. Hopefully others on this forum will have suggestions as well.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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