Where to get music for videos?

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      Where do I get background music for creative license? Please paste as many sites as possible, and will someone teach me how to get a creative license for popular music?
      Thanks 🙂

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      In the world of royalty free prices can get crazy quick. I will try to answer your question(s) in a couple parts for ease of reading:


      -"free stuff"

      There are plenty of places on the net to get free royalty free stuff and depending on your project will determine what is right for you. I can't stop recommending Kevin McLeod and his website: incompetech.com  he has huge collections of music for use in just about anything most require only attribution if you don't want to buy royalty, and his prices are crazy good compared to most.


      Another route you could go is "public domain" anything created before 1923 is in the public domain so most classical music, hymns, and things like that, but new music can be released to the public domain for anyone to use how they see fit. A simple google search will render thousands of sites with public domain music, video, and images.


      – buy rights, on places like pond5.com


      – Popular music can be tricky and very expensive, This is a thread about covers of popular songs but it *covers*(no pun intended) all the same basic principals.

      -create your own

      Some of the tools I use are things like audacity. I don't have much experience with creating music as I'm not a musician, but with today's technology anyone can do it look on youtube for guides or vimeo.


      I hope this helps.

      Justin Reto


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      You can get some royalty free music here http://audiojungle.net/user/LedStubStudio/portfolio?ref=LedStubStudio

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      I'm offering some free stock music as a promotion for my new stock music store.  Download it at:



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      A full album with fantasy/ancient/native trackes: http://www.kyneah.com

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      Here's my stuff to license for cheap:

      If anyone here wants to collaborate or get custom music, definitely contact me!
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      David Doty

      A great and inexpensive way to get royalty music is from Smartsound – http://www.smartsound.com – They have a large variety of music and you can even use their software to make the music fit the length of your video. Smartsound has more features that are great – I've been using it for over 10 years.

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      I would like to share my music and sfx stock collection which is Royalty Free – In Pond5 you just buy them for only one time and then you can use that track in all of your commercial project without any additional fee.  
      Hope they will be great for your projects. Check these link to find more
      Songs for your inspirational and fun video
      My All collection (Music and SFX) 
      Custom Music Service (link is external)
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      +1 to the comments from Justin Reto and Paulears above. Great thoughts.

      Just wanted to let you know about a project I recently launched, because I think it’s relevant here: http://musicformakers.com

      Music for Makers delivers one CC0 song to you by email every Monday at no cost.

      I’m relatively new to the video-making world. But as I’ve worked on some small- or even no-budget videos, I’ve realized sourcing background music can be a little bit of a headache.

      There are already a ton of awesome stock audio sites out there. (Some have been mentioned here already) But there are very few that are 100% free. Music for Makers is.

      As I mentioned, we recently launched, so really I’m just sharing the news here to get the community’s feedback. I welcome all ideas and questions!

      Unleash Your Creativity

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      I’m a music composer. My favourite styles are symphonic, electronical, daramatic, piano, chill… If you want a chilling, relaxing, electronic or piano music, or a hard dramatic symphonic music for your video, I can make it. If you’d like to have a unique music for your video, contact me! 🙂

      Some sample music:

      My contact: sztamas7@gmail.com

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      Hi there!
      If you’re looking for great music to illustrate your videos, please check my work here : http://www.pond5.com/fr/artist/SoftVibes. My tracks are royalty-free!
      You’ll find different kind of music :
      – Inspirational/motivational
      – Relaxing/meditation
      – Uplifting and optimistic
      – Cinematic
      – Dancing tracks
      Give me your opinion about my tracks, I’m always looking for feedback!

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      You can’t beat this offer in price/quality terms:

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      Hi guys. I offer you my page with author’s music of various genres. https://www.pond5.com/artist/ulysses65#1/2064
      I will be happy with your feedback. Any suggestions and suggestions are accepted vvspro@me.com
      Best regards.

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      Copyright is a hot topic and full of problems – even where you are matters! For instance, in Europe, copyright is 70 years from the death of the originator (composer, in this example). However, if you use a George Gershwin piece – who died more than 70 years ago, Youtube will flag it up as a copyright work – because there is another copyright in the recording, which may well still be current – hence why many adverts re-record the music themselves and then there is only the composer to worry about!


      Copyright free music – something a Google search will help you with does not mean FREE – it means the composer doesn't mind you using it, but it may still cost. Some music, often advertised on forums like this is composed by people and they are happy to have it used – sometimes really for free, perhaps in return for a credit at the end – something you can't do sometimes!


      If you watch youtube stuff, there is a huge spectrum of material being used, much is really quite unsuitable. If you were teaching a class in college, you'd tell the students that incidental music is intended to set the mood, evoke emotions and all that stuff – you also tell them that the viewer is not supposed to listen to the music, it's wallpaper. Anyone who regularly watches 'How it's made' hears the same music worldwide, with different country specific narration in local accents – but can anyone hum the music? I doubt it – but it's actually very cleverly put together. The notion that it could have been produced by a non-musician makes me smile. That said, one of my best paying pieces of music was 3 minutes of 'evolving' music to support images shot in a rain forrest. It was one note – that played a very out of the way programme on a very old synth that used vector synthesis – one of those totally useless sounds that you dismiss – but I remembered it, and for one note, held down for 3 minutes, it was a nice earner. It did, of course take me four hours to find!


      The music must be appropriate. Ask questions – does it have to change texture, or style to hit a visual hit point? Maybe the tempos has to change? Auto music can't do these things.


      If you need specific music, pay a musician to produce it for you, and the quality will be much, much better – and most won't charge a huge sum.


      If it is not good enough to pay for, it's not good enough to use. If you must use library music avoid anything with a melody that is obvious – you don't want people remembering it,or waiting for the next repeat.


      If you are not musical, maybe you're not the one to select the music? To you the track or auto-produced piece might be good, but to others it could be amazingly annoying, and you don't want that!


      So – copyright free music might be expensive, or rubbish, or just plain wrong – or absolutely spot on!


      It's very complicated – and you MUST read the rules on websites that supply it. Free may not actually be free?

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