Where to find or how to create this simple motion background?

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      Do you know if there is anywhere to find this type of moving background (cartoonish) or do you know how to create it? I guess only we only need one image and make it move sideways but how?

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    There’s a lot of ways. The easiest being getting a simple high resolution image off google, enlarging it till it’s a lot bigger than the timeline inside premiere pro or other editing software, and the. Keyframing the position so it moves slowly across behind the timeline framing.

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    Do what JackMiller says and create the background as a loop so it keyframes to the end and starts over again. It's also possible that your editing software will have a transition that can be applied to the background and slowed way down to create the long, slow crawl.

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    If you have a decent video editor and a decent image creation program – it's childishly easy. So with say premiere and photoshop, you create the project. I'd create a large image – which seems to be just simple components, copied and pasted. The you bring that into the editor – and move the image, enlarged/expanded to the start point, then keyframe it to the end point, and let it slowly creep across the screen. It's very simple – IF you can do it on your system. What do you manipulate images with, and what is your editor?

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    It's a combo of the two – start position – set a key frame for vertical and horizontal, then go to the end, set another set of key frames and then they will move diagonally as you want – you can set intermediate points too – and ease in/ease out will make the changes of direction smoother.

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    What did you mean by moving at an angle?

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    diagonally – a combination of a horizontal and vertical shift

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    I just started using photoshop and premiere. That's exactly what I've done (made image fit my screen and I set beginning and the end) now I'm trying to figure out how to make image move on an angle (I know how to make it move sideways and up & down).

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    Thank you. I've figured it out shortly after asking the question by experimating πŸ™‚

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