Where do start with embedded video?

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My brother recently asked me how difficult it would be to design a product that could continually record fairly low quality video and store the last few hours in some form of internal memory. I have never done any development with video before. Where would be a good place to start my design?

Do you have any suggestions for an MCU?

What would be the best camera type to use to keep the project as simple as possible?

What format would be best to store the video in?

Would I need a video codec or is that only need for a device that supports playback? This device would probably just need to be able to transfer the video to a PC for playback.

Any insight you can offer would be much appreciated!

ADDED: I find the digital key of CMOS image sensor , and I see that there are several on there made by a company called OmniVision. These data sheets say that "The captured data can be transferred either by a standard parallel digital video port (DVP) or by a single-land MIPI high-speed serial interface".
Unfortunately I have never heard of either of those. How do you go about getting that into an image file? using C?

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Any camera that has a firewire, USB3 or HDMI output; record to a dedicated hard drive in your computer via a video capture card. For details Google "how to capture video from camera to computer."