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      Is it ever appropriate to place your logo at the end of a business promotion? I've added mine at the end of a couple of free productions but not with paid work.

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      If it is part of the closing credits I see no problem.


      However closing credits should come after the promotion is fully completed.



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      Definitely the kind of thing where "there's a place and a time."  i make a lot of political media, some content for politicians and other content for lobby and special interest groups.  Our video service for legislators is open to all legislators and thus we include our logo in those videos..it's an open service so Rep's and Dem's can't really feel betrayed if they realize their videos are being made by a neutral party.  I will say, however, that I would never include my studios logo in any videos we do for our lobby groups.. For these clients, we have an overlap in competition in multiple cases.  If one group saw we were making videos for another group (and making it known publicly, as if we hope to gain some networking/connections through these videos), I'm sure they'd be pretty pissed with us.


      Obviously, political work is always very sensitive and it's important for the studio to protect the integrity of the studio's reputation as well as their client.  Political environments also have a lot of variety in sensitivity, so problems like this may not apply to all those reading this who work in this field.

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      Thanks for replies. My instinct with corporate video is your own logo would not be appropriate in many cases – feels natural to end only with business logo/details of the the enterprise you're filming.

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