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      Evening All,
      I apologise if this in the wrong section, couldn't see one where this would really fit (so mod's please move should it be suitable)
      I've been looking into a 3rd Person shot for an up coming production that me and a friend will be making and I have been looking and looking and I cannot for the life of me find what the 'offical' name for this shot is called. Well when I say shot I mean what the rig would be called. As we'd be looking to hire one (rather than make one as all the articles keep saying – no time or space).
      The names that I've come across to no prevail so far are;
      Body Rig
      Third Person Camera Rig
      Over the Shoulder Camera Rig
      Point of View Cam
      SnorriCam (whilst this is technically correct it's a brand and is out of our price range)
      This sort of thing (where it can also be mounted onto the persons back)
      Many Thanks
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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Hi shakey,


      After doing some extensive internet searches, the search that gave me the most results was "body camera mount" rig. This may be the name for the kind of rig that can give you the shots you're looking for. It definitely makes sense at the very least!



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