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      I wonder why there are so many duplicate threads posted. " What's the best camera ", " What's the best editing software ", " What's the best lighting setup ", " What's the best microphone " . . . . etc.


      What's the best answer? Well that's going to be dependant on the experiences and application of those who answer, eh? I'd be willing to bet that every veteran who logs on to these forums has had different needs and experiences ( certainly different solutions to similar situations ) ; and that most every person who asks, " What's the best . . . . " really hasn't taken the time to research topic histories either on Videomaker, or other sources of advice, and in fact may not be clear in their own mind what they hope to accomplish with whatever " the best  . . . .  " has to offer.


      Perhaps the " What is the best . . . . ? " poster could be more succinct in defining what they hope to be doing with " the best "; and too, maybe, those who reply might go into a bit more depth about how they use that which they perceive to be " the best ", and if possible make a meaningful comparison with other gear/software which did not work out for them and why?


      Rick Crampton 

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      I feel like we should have some sticky posts with threads like these so that people stop asking the same questions. Each sticky could be updated and filled with links to VM articles and previous threads, what do you think?

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