What’s a good setup for producing guitar videos?

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      Rocco Crocco

      I am new to the forum. I apologize if I am posting in the wrong sub-forum.

      I am kicking around the idea of making this a new hobby, but being a hobby, I don’t want to dump a ton of money into it only to discover I find it boring. I want to spend $500 max for now. Preferably less….

      Basically just looking to make videos of my talking, then playing electric guitar, then talking some more (music gear reviews, performances and lessons of cover songs, etc.).

      Here’s what I have already —

      1) Tripod
      2) Windows 10 Laptop
      3) Audio production software — Studio One 3 DAW
      4) A nice space at my home.

      I have a old Flip camcorder which is actually pretty easy to use and produces OK looking video, but has a sh!tty built in mic and no microphone input jack. Won’t work.

      What I think I need–

      1) Camcorder
      2) Good mic for the camcorder
      3) Video Editing software.. will Windows Movie maker suffice?
      4) Possibly lighting… this would be later on.

      Is there anything else I may need??

      BTW…. how do people sync the audio produced using a DAW to video in an editor. I know that Final Cut Pro can sense the audio from live mic and automatically sync it to an audio track recorded to a DAW. That software is for Apple, though, and I am running Windows 10.

      Any recommendations?

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      First, it seems you have not done video editing. You’ll find out 2 hours into your first project if this is for you. Editing takes hours and it must be “in your blood.” Otherwise, it won’t be boring, it will be too frustrating. Look at any commercial TV or movie and see 25 to 200 names in the credits that produced it. And that is the standard that people use to judge your one-man-band production. Second – who is your target audience and why are you doing this? Might help determine equipment and investment. Third – for one question you ask – you can use a digital audio recorder and replace the soundtrack of a good video but poor audio camcorder if you have software that allows you to create and see the audio waveform. Some software synchs for you, but with waveform it’s easy to synch yourself. I and most here use pro editing software that does this easily, but the software alone will blow your budget. There is probably sub $100 software that will do waveform, but I’m not familiar. I don’t think the free software like Windows Movie Maker will do this. Hopefully others will chime in. Fourth – you’re right on audio being extremely important. Get that right. Also, on video, you’ll need some help shooting. A static shot for more than 20 seconds will bore your audience. Get close-ups, real close, like fill the frame, with your face, your moving fingers (both hands), and maybe even tapping feet. Get clever on the shots. Remember, as basic as it sounds many forget, every production should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Make each section good, and they generally are not equal lengths. Beginning and end may be seconds, but must be there. Many thousands before you have thought “wouldn’t it be cool to do this video…” and most drop out soon after starting when they see how much work it is to do it right. Even for non-commercial work I plan 2 to 5 hours of editing (not counting initial shooting) for every minute of finished video. Like I said, you will find out very soon if it is “in your blood” and becomes a passion, not just a hobby. It sounds like playing the guitar is a passion for you. To make a video of such will require making editing a passion also. I suggest before you spend hundreds, borrow or use what you have, try some free online video editing program trials (many give 30 days free trial, but some will watermark final renders), and give it a shot. We who are passionate wish you well and welcome you into the fold.

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      scubajam has some very good points, but I would get an Audio Mixer, 6 or 8 channel one would you do you fine. The reason for an Audio mixer is you mix the guitar mic and and guitar before you get to Your Video Editing Program timeline, which is much harder to finese Audio
      You can find Digital Audio Recorders (DAR) on Ebay that would work fine, if fed from main out on a mixer. Just make sure the DAR has USB ports, or removable storage media, if getting the latter. you will need a card reader.

      To sync the Audio with the Video, one just need to be in front of the Camera and close to the Microphone(s), and then CLAP your hands together. When you get the Video and Audio to the Timeline of Your Video Editing Program, you line up the Audio spike of the clap with video of you doing so, and the rest is good to go. then just make sure to cut that part out before rendering your video – https://youtu.be/_w-sgs3lako

      Other tips I can give, Multiple Cameras. say three, of them, one a wide shot of you and your Guitar, one set and zoomed on your guitar and the las one a zoom on your face.

      And if you can find or have a desktop computer that can take a 2 GB graphics card and surround sound Audio card, it will be able to run most Video Editing Programs, will make life much better, as that system has a ton more horsepower when it comes to Video Editing. A five minute video rendered on Laptop, would take a couple hours of your laptop being a paperweight, useless object, where on the desktop, it would take 3 or 4 minutes to render

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