What’s a good camera for zooming while shooting?

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      I have a DSLR, but it doesn’t look good, when shooting live, run and gun events where you don’t want to stop recording, but want to zoom in or out to change the view, but without missing anything, and having to cut around a terrible zoom.

      Right now I have been using a Canon T2i, which I have had for five years about. I have been using it for professional work, and it has gotten the job done TO AN EXTENT. I could either get a new camera that has better looking professional zooms, like you see in the media, or in sports, or I could a new lens for the Canon T2i now, and then attach that lens to future cameras later, if that’s a better investment.

      But is there a constant aperture lens for the Canon T2i, where the zoom itself would look good, and smooth? I want to be able to do not just have nice, smooth looking zooms, but quick ones too.

      However, if I by a camcorder style camera, a lot of them have too deep of depth of field, where as I like the shallow DOF you get with a DSLR.

      So basically I want to be able to do quick zooms that will look good while shooting, and shallow DOF as well. Is there a camera I should get, or a lens I should get for my current camera in order to make that happen? I want to do professional work, but do not want to spend a whole lot of money if that’s possible.

      What do you think the best options are, to get these features? Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.

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