Whats a good alternative to DVD’s?

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      AvatarDoc Jock

      I do a couple jobs a year that are delivered on DVD to multiple customers — children’s plays, junior high graduations, etc. I am hired by the organization to film the event, and then I sell individual DVD’s to parents.
      Looking forward, I can see that DVD’s are becoming less and less of a good option for delivery. Not only is the picture quality not great, but it seems like more people are turning away from DVD’s all together in favor of streaming video. The last laptop I purchased doesn’t even have a DVD drive on it.
      Anybody have ideas on how delivery of content like this will be happening in the future? I would love to be able to upload an mp4 to a website and then allow people to download it for a fee. Is there a way to do this? And if so, how would I keep people from making copies?
      Any thoughts anyone has on this would be much appreciated.

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      While you can never prevent those who know better from making copies, there are website scripts out there that allow you to collect payment, and automatically email a unique login and password to the client, allowing them to download the video. I’ve seen some that automatically limit the number of downloads a client can perform before they are cut off from downloading any more. I think the easiest way to do this is by using a CMS software like Joomla or WordPress – then locate an existing script that does what I just described. Install and configure it, and you’re off and running.

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      I’ve heard some people saying that USB key’s maybe the replacement for DVD’s, as you can put MP4’s on the USB and give those to the clients. Plus with most TV’s, computers and Blu-Ray players/video game consoles having USB ports, as long as you keep your files under 4GB, then you should have no trouble.

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      If the file is over 4 GB. in size, reformat the USB stick in either NTFS or EXFAT format and put as large a file as you want on it. I do this all the time so I know it works.


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      I think, the best way is upload video on website and allow people to download it for a fee. You can also upload videos on social media sites.

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      Hmm, thanks for all of the above info! you might want to check there could be copyright issues with putting these videos online.(But then if only client can access??) Of course it depends if there is any copyrighted music on your video. It is possible (and I only know about Australia) to obtain a ‘Single Event Licence’ ( or an annual one) which allows you to use copyrighted music on your video. But at this stage this does not include putting the video online, only copying to USB or DVD. The copyright bodies do realise this needs to change and I think they will have to change these rules soon.
      About the copying to USB, i have a 16GB USB and wanted to put a 5GB video on there. Couldn’t understand when it told me ‘file too large’! So will look into reformatting as you have suggested rs170a…

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      Reformatting the USB stick will do the trick. The FAT32 format which most sticks come with is limited to either 2GB. or 4GB while NTFS and EXFAT are (almost) unlimited.


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      AvatarSDE Weddings

      reformat to exFat. we do mostly usb deliver or online delivery. we charge extra for disc delivery

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      Hi all. I realise this is an older conversation but hoping for help as well. Like the original poster, I supply longform work to clients on DVD eg dance concerts, drama concerts and the like. I agree DVD looks rubbish considering I shoot in HD on good cameras and edit on professional programs. This is where I am stuck. The USB option sounds great but a lot of TVs that have USB are very fussy about what they will recognise and play. I understand the limitations of all of the formats. It seems my Sony TV, the Sony DVD with USB port will not recognise any format other than Fat32. This format is useless as all my files even when compressed down to Mp4 are 10-15Gb. Both NTFS and exFat aren’t recognised on the TV, so what is the point? The digital download idea has merit, but when you make a couple of bucks per disc sold and you’re only selling 100, then that’s precious money lost again to either service how that works or paying someone to look after it. I’m finding it all really frustrating as it makes my work look amateur now that people are looking at 4K in stores etc.

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      I have to agree with Kevin. This is simply the best idea this day and age. you can even pay people to run the site for you so it’s no hassle

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      But exFat won’t play on a TV. Do you assume clients play it via a media centre via the computer?

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