What would you do? Lighting Issue.

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      Hi Guys. I'm currently sole video producer for a client who is putting an educational series together. We are half way through the shoot and I've noticed a lighting issue (harsh shadows) going on which for some reason I hadn't really picked up on until I started editing and adding contrast etc.


      I'd like to rectify the problem, but due to the dead line the series has to be completed by we don't have time to reshoot the badly lit shots. Would you just carry on with badly lit shots for continuity sake (the series will be used as a  DVD as well as online – so the style should be uniform) or change the lighting design half way through? The client hasn't picked up on the bad lighting, but he may notice if it's rectified and if he starts comparing the first lot of segments that we shot to the second lot that we shoot going forward.


      I could kick myself for not noticing and I'm sure the average viewer won't really be distracted by it – but because I know it's wrong and could be better, I feel obliged to make the changes.


      So what would you do? Times like these I wish I was working with someone else.


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      Color correction is one thing….there are tons of software applications that digitally brighten, correct gamma, modify contrast, etc, (like: http://www.vreveal.com/videofix) but if you have what you thought was perfectly lit footage until the shadows started showing up you have two options: shoot all over again or be creative in editing with the footage you already have.


      (Not that it matters now but I remember back in 2010 Lyric Media came out with a plugin that basically added a fill light in post to your footage. It was called “Shadow-Highlight”. I think it may still be compatible with the latest version of Final Cut Pro http://www.lyric.com/fcp-plugins/index.htm)




      Headshots shot in HD that include harsh, dark shadows can be cropped to actually hide those shadows and, in turn, create an entirely new angle minus the poor lighting.


      If someone lifts their hand or an object in your shot and it casts a huge shadow cut down on costs and simply create a cutaway until the shadow disappears in your original footage.


      Colorize the footage: black or white and sepia tone dramatizes shadows.





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      I wouldn't suggest editting the harsh shadow as it may look worse if brightened a bit.

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