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      I was using Cyberlink Power Director 13 on my PC, but its so power hungry it’s unbealivable. It has more crashes then a deranged car, and freezes more times then the North Pole, even Polar bears and Penguins would be shocked.

      I have my eyes on Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite or, Corel VideoStudio Pro X7. I would like to put it on my i5 laptop which runs windows 10 and has 8gb and 64 bit processor.

      Which is the better one to go for?

      I’m not really looking for all the bells and whistle’s (although it would be nice) stabalisation is a must, and a story board where you drag and drop.

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      The problem may be not the Video Editing Program, rather the Computer your trying to run it on. The first and foremost thing you should do before purchasing any Video Editing Program, is look at the tech spec need to run the Program, then figure out if you Computer meets or exceeds those specs. If your Computer does not meet those specs, the program will not work as expected. After looking at both of those Program’s tech spec, neither of them will work on a laptop, as they both require a 2 GB or larger Graphics Card, above and beyond the motherboard on-board graphics has, and you cannot put a Graphics Card in a laptop Computer

      I have a desktop Computer with 16 GB internal Hard drive, running Windows 7, it has a 2 GB Graphics Card installed and a surround sound Sound Card installed also. Any Video Editing Program I have thrown at it work fine. Also I can put a 2 hour video (wedding) and render it out and burn to DVD in less then 20 minutes.

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      About the comment on laptop video, that is not 100% true. Some higher end laptops do have more advanced video (such as Macbook pros there are others including some Windows ones), but yes many lower end laptops don’t and adding that to an existing one isn’t going to happen.
      I don’t know the OP’s software, but one thing that might help him is to try editing in quarter res if the software supports that.

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      Video editing now involves HD video, higher frame rates, and tricky to encode and decode file formats. I use Adobe software, and have a monthly subscription. My rack mount PC runs very fast, and does the job properly, but I can edit on my Macbook – but it’s not fast, and the graphics capability is limited compared to a PC with a proper video card with it’s won processor. In fact, Adobe optimise their software to use these better graphics cards, and without them have to do the video processing at the same time as all the other stuff.

      Remember that video files are also HUGE, so your computer will be shunting large amounts of data around too. This is the bottleneck in the system. The only time my systems hang or crash is when the supply of data can’t keep up with all the cashing that goes on. It’s the same thing for the avid gamers – they have the same kinds of issues, and laptops unless majorly specced out just can’t do it in real time. Music studios have identical issues when shunting loads of audio tracks around. None of these activities will run on the ‘average’ machines, once you start pushing them.

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      Have you considered Magix ‘Movie Edit Pro Plus 2016’? I have a project rendering to HEVC on mine right now. Value for money, I have found this software in all of its iterations since v17 to be right-up-with-the-play as far as features, ease of use, stability and most of its other attributes are concerned. One problem I have found with the American market and recommendations which are made within it, is that reviewers etc. cannot usually see beyond the USA/Canada when reviewing products or making recommendations. Magix Software originates from Germany, just for the record.

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      Todd, you may have the “cart before the horse” so to speak. Before you spend money on another editing software, clean your current computer. Use CCLEANER (it’s free) https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard to get rid of “crap” unnecessary files from your Internet searches and other orphan files taking up space. Also, DEFRAG before any rendering. This is a must, especially for an under powered computer.

      If the above doesn’t meet expectations, my first choice would be Sony’s Movie Studio. Just like you’ve done here in this bulletin board forum, you’re asking questions, looking for answers. Sony’s forums (not Sony’s itself), but ones like Creative Cow, have questions, like yours, and answers from users who’ve had experience and many professionals in the biz who’ll be happy to answer your specific questions. Second place to look would be YouTube as you can follow along with the tutorial videos to get you up and running.

      Please post your results after you do a CCLEANER and defrag before you render your project. The reason? To help others who might read this set of posts/answers, so it may help them as well.

      Good luck!

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      CCleaner is a great program – here is a link to thier website: http://www.ccleaner.com (instead of a third-party). Some companies bundle their own tracking into an install! 🙂

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      Cyberlink Powerdirector is actually a full video and audio editing package, so if you’ve learned how to use it I’m guessing you must have some sort of editing skills. In that case Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere can be a good replacement for you. But if you just want to complete a few simple tasks, a light video editing program like Movavi or Filmora can be a good choice. They are designed for beginners but with lots of advanced editing features which can meet most of your demands indeed. You can check out more editing features here: http://windows-10-movie-maker.com/

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      If you are looking for the best video editor today, you can give the following list of 2016 top 5 professional video editing software a shot
      Corel VideoStudio Pro X9
      CyberLink PowerDirector 14 ULTRA
      Wondershare Filmora
      MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus
      Sony Vegas Pro 13 Edit
      If you decide to seek for a simpler and “free would be nice” method to edit 4K resolution videos, the Free HD Video Converter Factory is highly suggested

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      Gary M

      I was looking for information like this and I’m glad I found this thread. Dave,,, I am BRAND NEW at this so I actually have no idea what to shop for for a computer or programs to do photo and video editing. I am starting out small with drone photo/videography with hopes of some day in the future doing it,on a,more pro level (real estate, agricultural, etc) I am looking for something not completely basic, but I don’t need hard core pro systems and capabilities either. What kind of computer and editing programs do you recommend? I’m also on a SERIOUS budget…

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      Gary M


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