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      Can a regular DVD-R 4.7GB be use for a1080p project? Will I need a Blue Ray Disc to maintain
      the good.

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      Sorry but you’ll need a Blu-ray as a regular DVD is for standard def video only.


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      It´s possible to burn a DVD-R like a BD-R 5 or a DVD+R DL, like a BD-R 9, but you have some limitations: the bitrate is just 22 Mbps for video and audio only on Dolby Digital. This gives you just ~25 minutes on a BD-R 5 and ~48 minutes on a BD-R 9.

      Another limitation is the compatibility with PS (PlayStations) 3 and 4. This discs do not play automatically on this devises, but can be accessed manually via remote control.

      You can duplicate this discs in any DVD driver recorder.


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      You will need to use Blu-Ray. If your computer doesn’t have a Blu-Ray burner installed, buy an external writer with USB connection. I make wedding videos and use an external ASUS 12x Blu-Ray writer so that I can burn Blu-Ray from either my desktop or laptop which makes my operation transportable.

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      Some programs such as Adobe Premiere Elements have a burn HD to DVD option – but it’s NOT the same as a Blu-ray.

      It takes your 1080p video from the Elements timeline and converts it to an H.264 file which is then burned to DVD. The disk size limitation is still in place so if your video is very long – it won’t fit. I’m able to put a typical wedding on one without much problem since you can use the “fit to disk” feature that lowers quality to make it fit.

      The other catch is that it WILL NOT play in a DVD player and not every Blu-ray player is guaranteed to play it either. I have two older Blu-ray players and they both play these disks.

      If all you want to do is transport your 1080p video and play it back on a computer, just create the appropriate file and burn it to your DVD disk that will play back in Windows Media Player or Quicktime player.

      Like sierravideo, I just got a 12x external ASUS Blu-ray writer. It’s a big hunk of hardware on your desk, but it’s super easy. On my Dell XPS it was plug and play. B&H has some cheap printable Blu-ray disks. In combination with Adobe Encore, they went 7 for 7 on my first project with no coasters. And my Canon Pixmia MX922 printed them easily.

      Good luck!

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      With so many different formats — DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM — how do users know which DVD format is compatible with their existing systems, and why are there so many different formats for
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