What type deal will be attractive for the tv network?

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      I have Mini MBA course in online, we charge $2,000 dollars to learn the course in few months, In future we want to provide investment for the talented entrepreneurs in return of few % equity of their company. 
      Beside Mini MBA course i want to produce a business show too under the company. I have planned and prepared a team to do a Business show in Television, I know few producers and host in the tv channel in my country. I don't want to sell my show to the tv network, i want to make the Tv  network company as my strategic partner.
      My question is:
      What type deal will be attractive for the tv network?
      1- I have a producer experienced in famous tv commercial and a host worked in the same tv channel attached in my show. They are talented in their work but young like me, not aware the type of deal a company make with Tv network company. 
      If my show get into this big tv channel in my country, my company will receive alot of benefits. I know this partnership need to be mutual benefit for the Tv Network and for our company. Can you guys provide your thoughts and suggestions how to make this as mutual benefit deal..

      Any suggestion is accepted. I really want tolearn about this. 🙂

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      Impossible to say, without knowing the network. They are the only ones who can tell you what they want. Learn as much about them as you can, then make contact and open a conversation centered on their needs. Your show will have to be structured and written to meet their needs, as they see them. "If you want to make a million bucks, figure out a way to make your investors a million each. Your money will follow." –Bernard Baruch

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      arun1936, TV Networks are interested in one thing, viewers. If you can demonstrate that you can bring viewers to your show, you should be able to work out a deal. You might want to start by investigating current shows on the Network. See if you can find out how many viewers they bring in and what type of deal they have with the Network. As for what type of deal is attractive to a Network, the lowest cost for the most viewers. If you ask too much for your show, they will pass. Without a track record you should start by recouping your production cost + 10%. As you deliver on viewers, you can re-negotiate or else put a viewer clause in the deal where you get more money if you deliver X number of viewers. That's a win win for everybody. Not often done in the US.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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