What to film…Alone?

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      Hello Forum,

      I have …+/- a lot of decent(?) gear… and I am trying to put it to use just for the enjoyment of doing so. I only have myself to work with. I’m bored with the nature videos and suction cupping the cameras to my car while trying to maintain self discipline. I went so far as making telescope videos of the night sky and thunderstorm videos looking out over the lake.

      I’ve successfully filmed a 90+ minute film of myself (which would be only entertaining to people with psychological issues) called ‘A Day In The Life Of Jack’. I got about half way through post on it before I just couldn’t stand looking at myself anymore.

      I’m just out of ideas… What do people film when they only have themselves to work with?


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      Hi Jack – it's all about the story.  Here are a couple of short narrative films shot by solo writer/actor/director/DPs with the Panasonic GH4:


      Writer's Block – by Bob Lorrimer




      Out Of Time – by Anthony Wood




      Hope this is helpful and good luck!



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      Hi Jack,

           If you've run out of ideas of things to shoot by yourself, try inviting people in your community that might be interested in doing something with video.  You'd be surprised how many people would enjoy an invitation to create something.  Try writing a short story, and making it into a short film.  Don't have any ideas for a short story?  Think of a one-liner that you think would be cool in some movie, then build a story around why that one-liner would be said.  Or think of a plot, no matter how minor or even outrageous, and build a story around it.  And again, try inviting someone to help you turn it into something to be viewed.


      Good luck.

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