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      I'm looking to buy a BlackMagic Cinema Camera but am really not sure if i need one! It would be my first camera but i know theres also the DSLR route as well. Is the 2.5k RAW quality worth it? I have a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition which can shoot 2.7k RAW (altough i never have) would it be odd if i buy a DSLR and have an action camera that can shoot better footage. Can anyone advise me what to do, will a DSLR be fine for me?



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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hi Jake


      The question is (well it should be) what are you going to use the camera for. The BlackMagic camera is incredible, but the problem is that you need to buy extra equipment such as lenses, which can start from 1K. Also the camera has ¼″ jack audio inputs, which means that you may want to invest in an XLR adapter to use professional mics.


      Is the 2.5k RAW quality worth it?


      Of course it is, but there another issue, do you have a computer powerful enough to handle those video files? They are huge, processor intensive.


      Will a DSLR be fine for me?


      Like I mentioned before it will depend on what you plan to do with the camera. In my honest opinion I only invest on equipment if it will pay for itself in the long run. Ask yourself this and decide if it will work for what you do.

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      Hi jake – I agree with lomaymi – in order to give a good answer, we have to know what you plan to use it for and how much are you willing to spend (not only for the camera, but for lenses, storage media, sound, etc).


      It would also be useful to know where you plan to distribute your motion pictures – in a theater, on broadcast television, or over the internet.


      I differ from lomaymi a little on "return on investment" – if you're a video artist/hobbyist/amateur like me, you're not looking to make money with the camera, you just want to shoot the best possible images for your chosen distribution channel.


      Bottom line: the $2995 BMCC will give you images you can project in a motion picture theater – but it will end up costing a lot more than $2995 after you add lenses, sound and support – and you won't really be able to tell the difference between a BMCC and a good DSL camera on YouTube or Vimeo.


      If your camera budget is $2995, and you want the best value large sensor, interchangeable lens video capable camera on the market today – I recommend the $1300 Panasonic GH3.  Best combination of codecs, bit rates,and 1080p frame rates for the money.  It may not be 2.5K, but it will give you the highest quality images of all of the 1080p still/video cameras.


      Here is what this camera can do:











      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution





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