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      Hi everybody, this is my first post and I am brand new to video work. My qestion is broad but I would like to know what more experiecned peoples opinions are.

      Ok to start:- I am doing some shooting in two main arena's — small ten minute interviews and shooting instructional yoga asana's in a yoga studio.  The studio is white walls, with dimmable wall lights and one deep red feature wall, in the shooting I will have shots side on, with a white wall as background, and front on is the red wall. In interviews they may be in the same studio, or at people's homes.

      Equipment currently. Sony HXR-NX30P semi pro – Canon HF10 consumer. wireless mic lavalier set, Two 125W soft boxes and booms, a DIY blue screen I made, Two tripods, a DIY 150cm slider and DIY table dolly – (very good for rolling around a yogi doing floor exercises, to move from front to side in a smooth roll.)

      So now I am considering the following equipment, but am so confused as to what to spend my meagre dollars on to get the best results. I can't afford mega bucks, so initially may have to go for chinese gear through ebay. Even though I know I will probably get better stuff later.

      I am looking at 7 inch monitors

      LED Bi Color, dimmable, with battery 3200/5000k x 2 (no idea about number of LED's)

      Red head lighting kit with 3 x 800W/3200K adjustable focus heads. But at $180.00 aus I am a bit sus that these are just too cheap and might be a waste of money.

      OR something else in lighting with dimmers etc for fill, hair and background lighting

      A couple of matte boxes of some sort mainly for future outdoor work

      and basically anything else to get me better equipped.

      I don't want a ton of fancy gear, and no ability, so I need like a fair starter level, that I can then use to help build my skills with. The skills are obviously the most important factor.

      I would be very interested in your views.


      Thank you



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      May I suggest you first start with what you have, adding an editing platform (FCP, Adobe Premiere, etc.)


      You already have more than many budding videographers – kudos to you for your handy work.


      Try a test project, see what works and go from there – Good luck!!!

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      I agree with Ed.  It sounds like you have a lot already, at least enough to make a fairly good quality video now.  Go ahead and start shooting your videos, and you will come to realize whether or not you need anything else.  Since you might be moving around in the studio, you might consider getting a Glidecam handheld stabilizer to get those super smooth handheld shots while you're moving around.

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      Thanks guys, already editing in FCPX, I am quiet surprised I thought the learning curve from editing some simple home movies years ago on Kdenlive (Linux) to doing something on a more professional level would be steep, but with FCPX I have found it to be very intuitive and many tutorials help.


      Definately looking at glidecams, or maybe doing a DIY one. I am very impressed with this one http://www.diycamera.com/stabiliser/index.html, but I am not sure about some of the engineering involved. Have to give it a go.


      OK, thanks once again for the advice.


      Here is some of the first ones I have done for yoga, the light needs to be better and I think my color work needs improvement too, as well as cut blending.


      https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7MSa6BfzrQDxA_TQyyO8wQ. Happt to recieve any suggestions.





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