What softwares & effects/tools they used to create this video ?

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      I would like to know about the techniques & tools used to create this video. https://youtu.be/pk213XSSktQ      i know these guys are pro.

      can I make a video like above with Final cut pro x & Motion 5 ?

      I am somewhat new to video editing…I know I got to go a long distance…


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      Well, FCP and photoshop can do certainly pull this off, but the critical issue is you, and how good you are with them. There is an awful lot to learn, probably weeks and weeks of skilling up, loads of failures and while photoshop can create this stuff, much depends on your artistic side to imagine the graphics, and how they will work. I could re-create these – but – I'm not certain I'd have thought of them in the first place? How about you?

      This will be very hard going.

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      Thank you paulears for your answer……Yes, I expect that I have to do hard work for months…….I think FCP & After Effects/Motion graphics would do this & I am going to give it a try thorough……

      no, i am not that artistic…..I have a bit of business/marketing background …not much of a hand work on art.



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