What software should I use in order to make videos similar to these?

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      The Beast File: MDMA


      Beast File: Zara


      Greetings, if you already saw videos I linked you will probably understand what video I want to make. Now I am not concerned about vector graphics used in the video, but these things:

      •  What software can handle this sort of navigation from image to image?

       How can a form a path from images like in http://youtu.be/t-4L5vRZ_g8?t=2m52s

      I hope I was clear with my question.
      Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


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      Hello Hermes,


      The best software to use in this case would be Adobe's After Effects or Apple's Motion. Either one of these programs should give you what you are looking for. Your budget might drive your decision here beings that After Effects is much more expensive than Motion. Both are great programs for this type of work.



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