What should the upgrade to Sony NEX EA 50UH ?

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      Hi, basically we are small media agency, who do creative wedding short movies and events. Our team basically uses Canon 5D Mark IIIs for the wedding videos.

      But for the traditional long videos, we use Sony NEX EA 50UH and Canon 5D Mark II mixture. Lately, Im not very happy with the output of Sony NEX EA 50UH.. With time, it has degraded and it seems the whole output is dead, subtle and contrast. Not sure, if the sensor has aged up or the lens. Its just I dont like it.

      My budget is sub 2000 USD, and now Im looking to upgrade it to a better sensor professional video camera, which atleast shoots 4K and has a good sensor for low light.

      Thats most important for me!

      I found a great camera, Sony NX100, its 1080p output is superb, and price is just 1600 USD only, but sadly it doesnt do 4K.

      So, can you guys suggest what to go for ?

      Whats in the league ?

      Also for my cinematic wedding gear part, I was thinking to get a 5D mark IV, but found out that canon is still using Motion-JPEG format for its video, means no improvement. So not looking to get Canon5 D mark IV anymore.

      What should I get panasonic GH4 or Sony Alpha A7S II ?

      But Is Panasonic and Sony going to come up with some serious upgraded model this NABSHOW 2017 ?
      Shall I better wait for it ?
      because, its been 3 years, GH4 and Alpha A7S has released.

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