What Should I Know as a Beginner?

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      Hello I have recently just started doing videography for people and its very fun and exciting. I enjoy it a lot, I am a beginner and don’t know much about this business so if you guys have some tips for me that would be awesome, here is my website: http://www.davidsaganproductions.com/

      All those client videos were recorded with my Panasonic G7 but I have since sold it and now have a blackmagic pocket cinema camera on the way shipping to my house with 2 clients waiting for me. So yeah please check out my work and tell me what I should do to present myself better or any tips. Thank you so much!

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    Congratulations, hope you maintain your enthusiasm and clients. What are you doing with your audio and lighting? You might want to work on your lighting. What looks like couple of lights full on in your promo isn’t the best approach especially if you’re shooting yourself against a wall. You might want to think about backgrounds and composition, like “rule of thirds”. A BMPCC isn’t the most mobile. Videomaker has some great articles and hints.

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    Hi David, quantum improvement on the website video, you obviously know what you’re doing, sorry if I sounded patronising. My big issue with the BMPCC was although it’s small you can’t see the screen in daylight (like an iPhone but unlike the G7 evf) so you’ll need at least a hood, People do use it hand held, but the wobble doesn’t hold up against the G7 or even the iPhone IS, maybe you use a tripod all the time. Plus there’s no XLR audio (which is OK if you use most wireless lavs),and you need a battery workaround to get longer life. Of course the BMPCC is a great camera, just didn’t sound like that much of an upgrade from the G7, but you probably had the lenses and you might not need the mobility. The BMPCC obviously is capable of shooting great color.

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    I usually use more lights, but that was just a quicky I did, I now have a new website video. And i’m not sure how a BMPCC is not the most mobile? Its the smallest camera other then my phone I have ever worked with.

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    Thanks for the input btw

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    The stabilization is the same as my G7 as its the same lens and same IS, I use my BMPCC just fine outdoors not a huge issue but it is lacking and I have a zoom h5 for audio plus I also have a shoulder rig. The BMPCC is a huge upgrade over the 8-bit 100mb/s 4K Pana G7. Just imagine how much detail you are losing when compared to the BMPCC 10 bit and around 220 mb/s when in pro-res and that’s for only 1080p. The G7 to me is just a glorified camcorder. Once the highlights were blown on it that’s it. Or the shadows. With the BMPCC especially in raw it’s so flexible i can make the image look like anything

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