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      I’m a young film maker and I’ve been hired by a former martial arts teacher to shoot and edit the promotional video for a yearly karate tournament that he hosts. I will be there all day so most likely around 6-7 hours of filming itself then editing the footage together which should, not totally sure, end up with a video from 3-5 minutes long. I have good skills so I’m not worried about that affecting the price I should ask but he has asked me to advise on what I’m expected to be paid so what does everyone think is a good price to ask?

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      Two situations: the shoot, the edit.

      The shoot will take an entire day of your time. Consider your equipment, your experience and your time and talent; what do you think that’s worth? A day-rate for a single camera shoot: $850- 1000, depending on travel, lighting requirements, etc.

      The edit: You are going to cut 6-8 hours of raw footage down to 3-5 minutes, add titles, music, color correct, etc. This will probably take you several hours. A charge of $75 to 80 an hour for editing, another $400-600.

      So I’d say $1300 to 1500 would be a fair price. This may be more than your market can bear so adjust accordingly, but in the Pacific Northwest these would be reasonable charges for the amount of work you describe.

      A caveat: charge for the shoot and the edit separately. Get paid at the end of the shoot. Get paid again at the end of the edit and don’t release any edited footage until you have been paid. Finally, have a solid contract or letter of agreement spelling out exactly what you are going to do and how much it will cost.

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