What personality/vibe/demeanor is communicated via my 60 second music video?

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Im trying to select playlist order tailored towards new listeners soo all honest good and negative would be appreciated thanks.

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What vibe is communicated? Not a nice one I suspect. Is the white guy the father of the white girl with the black guy? He looks worried, and I guess with good reason because the pair of them are seedy and a problem in the making. The singer has trouble with the diction, and the double tracking makes understanding the words a bit tricky. There is a huge amount of sub bass on the track which is rather strange to listen to on headphones, and the N word still makes me cringe whenever I hear it. Just my ages, of course, but in this day and age of continually pushing diversity, this style of presentation comes across as very narrow to me. Drink, drugs, 'youf' behaviour, backwards hats, dodgy rollups being waved around just makes me grimace.

I'm guessing younger people will really like it as it has many of the conventions of the genre - oddly, for once I didn't hate the music. While it's not my preference to listen to, it's much better than some I bump into.

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I totally agree with paulears comment. The young folks might like it. When I watched it I thought the Guy was first class player.


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