what microphone setup for front and rear camera pickup?

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      Avatartom brown

      I currently make videos covering spontaneous street action. As everything is spontaneous I don’t have time to setup lav microphones on subjects. As such, my only option for recording subjects in front of the camera is a shotgun microphone, such as the Rode VIDEOMICPRO. But what about audio from behind the camera? I sometimes ask subjects questions, so need some sort of pickup from behind the camera. One option is for me to wear a lav microphone, but not sure how this would sound when mixed in with the shotgun microphone audio? Are there any bi directional microphones I can buy?

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      Not knowing what camera you’re using it’s difficult to answer your question. My camera, a Sony NX5U, has three mounts, two on top of the camera. It would be quite easy to mount a small shotgun like your Rode to the front mount, with the mic pointing toward the operator. Plug the forward pointing shotgun into channel one, the rear-facing into channel two.

      The best answer to whether the sound from a lavaliere mic on the videographer would be compatible with the Rode shotgun will come after you do some tests. Look at the specifications for the Rode and see if you can find a lavaliere whose specs come fairly close. With a bit of trial and error with EQ you can then probably do a good job of balancing the two.

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      As soon as you start to have multiple microphones, you need somebody to point them! If your subjects cannot be predicted in advance, then the only solution once you move away from omni mics is somebody minding directional ones. These things need proper aiming and monitoring. Omnis and wide cardioids pick up ok when the subject is louder than the background noise (which gets captured too), Mixing a lav and one other mic is commonly done, as lots use the camera mic on one track and an external mic on the other. Once you start to try figure of 8, or other types like X/Y or M/S you get more options but they need using properly.

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