what microphone for street use?

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      Avatartom brown

      I have currently been making videos of an impromptu style, often featuring street interviews / protests etc., but have been disappointed with the built in camera audio (GH3). As the style is on the fly and very impromptu, I don’t have the option of setting up lapel microphones on the subject’s. I have looked at shotgun microphone options, but the problem is, this won’t capture my audio from behind the camera if I ask interview questions (although 90% of everything that needs recording is in front of the camera – and for the most part I don’t want the recording from behind the camera). I know I could use a lapel microphone on myself and shotgun on the subject, but I have read that it is not wise to combine shotgun and lapel audio. I have also looked at handheld microphones, but this is introducing a formality into the video that I don’t want. So what options do I have for recording quality audio?

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