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      I have a Rode NTG-2 that i use for interviews that works really great.

      But I would now like to add a lav mic system for more run and gun stuff and situations where boom pole is not a great choice.


      Can anybody recommend a lav mic system that produces a similar sound to the Rode NTG-2? My budget is under a thousand dollars and ideally I would like a 2 lav mic system. We currently record to a Tascom DR-40.


      Also, I usually order everything from B&H, but they are closed for another week. Wheres the best place to buy the equipment you recommend?


      Thanks so much!


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    If you search this site, you will find a lot of articles on lav mics.


    one of them is http://www.videomaker.com/article/8950-best-external-microphone-gives-you-professional-video-sound-quality


    to me sound quality is like wine, everyone has a different opinion of good vs bad… πŸ™‚


    also as you know interference can be an issue… So the choice of wireless vs wired depends on location.






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    Another article is http://www.hdvideopro.com/cinesoundpro/lavalier-mics.html?start=1





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    Hi Kelley – if I wanted to buy 2 lavs to match a shotgun for around $1000, I would get a couple of $430 DPA 4061s with microdot connectors (free shipping from GearNuts via Amazon).  If they're out of stock at Amazon, you can get them for the same price from Sweetwater via eBay.


    You'll also need a couple of $110 DPA DAD6001BC microdot to XLR adapters (free shipping from Sweetwater Sound via eBay) to plug the lavs into your DR-40.


    In mic expert Dan Brockett's classic 2008 shootout between the $239 Audio Technica AT899, the $449 Sanken COS-11 with an XLR jack, the $299 Countryman B6 (wired for XLR) and other high end lavaliers, the DPA 4061 came closest to matching the reference shotgun mic without equalization (shotgun comparison is towards the end of the test).


    If you buy two of them, the DPA lavs would take you a little over budget, but would also give your the closest match to your NTG2.


    Hope this is helpful!



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    Bill, the Ebay pricing on some of the gear you quoted is far too much. For example, the COS11D at $449. You can buy them brand new from a reputable audio shop such as Trew Audio for $360. They also deal in used gear. A 302 mixer can be found for under $1,000 and it comes from a place that will have serviced it and guarantee it.


    Speaking of Trew Audio, I highly recommend, considering what he wants to purchase, that Kelley consider dealing with a pro audio shop such as Trew Audio, Professional Sound Services or Gotham Sound, just to name a few. The biggest advantage to dealing with shops such as these is that pro audio gear is all they sell and they know what they're talking about. Places such as B&H are ok but you're dealing with a sales person, not someone who has made professional audio their career and have worked in the industry.


    I dealt with Trew audio when I bought my Sennheiser G3 wireless kit two years ago and, due to their knowledge and expertise, they were able to make a few recommendations that saved me money.


    I also recommend checking out http://jwsoundgroup.net/ as a website that deals exclusively with pro audio people. If you decide to post a question there, you better have a thick skin as some members can be a bit "sarcastic" in their responses.Browse the forums for some great ideas.

    For example, there was an RF issue with the DPA 4063 mic cable and forum members as well as the manufacturer got into a long and detailed thread on resolving it.


    Another good book is "Producing Great Sound for Film and Video" by Jay Rose. Jay is a regular contributor on the previously mentioned forum.



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    Bill, Great info. Thanks! In investigating this, I see that $1,000 might be unrealistic for quality. Do you think the solution you suggested would do a good job, or should I save up and look to spend $2200 for something like this (or is this overkill) http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/877187-REG/Sennheiser_ew_100_ENG_G3.html

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    Glad I could help.  I would be cautious about buying a kit, though – even a kit from Sennheiser.  Usually, there's at least one item in the kit that is lower tier.


    That Electrovoice handheld mic, for example, is not the greatest (I'd rather have a Rode Reporter or a Beyerdynamic M58 or an Audio Technica AT8004L (I use the AT8004L).


    I'd build my sound setup myself.  You already have a decent shotgun and a starter recorder.  Next step – if you need lavs and have a hard $1000 budget limit, is to get a couple of Sankens.


    If you can afford the extra $80, go ahead and get the DPAs and the adapters.


    Next, I think you would want a decent preamp and mixer (perhaps a Sound Devices field mixer) and/or a quality recorder.


    A good investment at this stage might be to buy a copy of Ric Viers' Location Sound Bible.


    A firm grounding in audio theory and practice could end up saving you a lot of money.


    Good luck!



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