What kind of light i need to create a pure white background on a budget?

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      Hi there people!



      So..i'm looking for shooting a video on a white background set. It's a small set: the white back ground is 2 meters high and have a width of 2 meters aswell. It's a big square that have 2 meters on each side…having a total area of 4 meters.


      I need to make this area pure white, on a 250 dollar budget. 


      I watched tons of tutorials on how to make a pure white back ground. The guys keep saying that   light is the key, but they never say what kind of light bulb is needed…like how many watts the light (or lights) must have… nor what kind of reflector must be used. They jus' show stuff, but never say the technical information that you need to have in order to buy the right things. 


      As you guys can see, the area that i'll work with it's pretty small, nothing fancy. So… i need to know what kind of light i need, how much watts is needed on the light bulb and what kind of reflector will get this  job done (and how much reflectors i'll need if i need to use more than one)

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      Follow the link on the first post, this guy makes it look easy. http://www.videomaker.com/community/forums/topic/how-to-make-an-infinite-white-background-cheap

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