What kind of Camera to use for Reality Show?

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      I am creating a reality show that I would potentially like to get picked up by a television network, and I could use your advice on what type of equipment i should use during filming.

      The show will have about 7 people in one house, and I want to use very good quality cameras that could look similar to the quality of cameras they use for actual television shows.

      I DO NOT want to use a DSLR, and I would need a camera that will record as long as there is enough storage. If you can recommend some cameras along with what type of lenses you think would work well, that would be great. If the camera has a fixed lens, that’s fine also.

      I would need to be able to record for a long period of time throughout the day (i would say about 12-15 hours), and then be able to switch batteries at night if possible, or if there is any way around that.

      For lav mics, I would need about 7 of them and if there is any possibility to have the audio from all mics to transfer to one mixer, that would be great. I’m not to great when it comes to audio, so I could really use some help in this area.

      I currently have the DJI Phantom 4 and will most likely be using it for aerial & -roll footage. If there’s anything else that you all think would be necessary for this type of show, I would really appreciate your input.

      Thank you all!

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