What is your must have gear?

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      I have been into video making for about 7 years now I have accumulated enough gear to overflow a large plastic tote. I wanted to find out what others use for gear and what their most treasured pieces of equipment are. Obviously cameras are important, but so are lights, field audio recorders, jerry rigged lighting setups that cost a fraction of "professional" setups.


      Also wouldn't hurt to post what are your least favorite /  least used. I have a few that I just had to have because it was the best thing ever that now sits in my bin unused.



      For me my favorite piece of gear is my plastic tote I can't fit the lid, but it helps me take everything I need in one trip, I want a garden cart to carry the tote (secured with bungie's) and other goodies.


      My least favorite, but gets allot of use is my 500w halogen work lights they are good at putting out too much light without a dimmer and getting way to hot for longer shoots. Plus I found out how much the bulbs cost the other day.

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      Everything fits in a plastic tote? I have trouble fitting people into the front seat of my SUV with all my gear loaded. 🙂

      I think my favorite piece of gear is my brain.

      My least favorite? I don’t know. The right tool for the right job, right? I did get a silly little spotlight to mount on my camera that came with a set of other actually usefull gear. It creates a hot spot in the center of the frame so I’ve pretty much let it sift down to the bottom of one of my cases to be pulled out in case of extra extreme emergency.

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