What is this video software and effect ?

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      Hellooo everyone from this forum πŸ™‚
      I have a few questions for you. First one, does anyone know where the program is processing this documentary series?

      And concerns the visual effects from this video. First of all i’m interested in the effect of “dirty paper” that can be seen on 7:10 and the effect of displaying multiple images in a single shot, that you can see on 2:06. Thanks in advance!

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      Not sure what you mean by “where the program is processing this documentary series.”

      The “dirty paper” appears to be just that: dirty paper, although it’s possible that a program such as Photoshop was used to create the “dirty” look.

      The multiple images in a single shot is achieved through the use of Picture-in-Picture, an FX that many editing programs can produce and which I suspect can also be produced in After Effects and Photoshop.

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      Any Multi track Video Editing Program could have made that video, Windows Movie make could not have made that. A program as simple as Pinnacle Studio or Corel Video Editor could have made that. It is very easy to Achieve when you have a Video Editing Program with more than 3 to unlimited editing lines on the timeline

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