What is the best software for this type of video

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I'm trying to figure out what program can make videos like this:

If any of you know please share! Thank you!

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Since no is interested in helping me out in quest for feedback.


I will take a stab at answering yours.


Looking at the video, did not help. But Your tags did.


If you want professional video editing effects and animation.  The Adobe After Effects coupled with Adobe Premiere Pro are software that many industry professionals use.



Go  to Adobe.com and check them out.  You can download Free 30 Day trials


There are probably others,  But I know that these do what you want.



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After effects can do most of it, but not the animation sequence, with cutaways, where you really need a vector based 3D cad package - Lightworks and Maya come to mind, but they are very expensive and really complicated and need considerable time and effort to even scratch the surface. 


There is also a camera orbit around the subject - which either means a camera move, or on a budget, the subject on a turntable with greenscreen. Not a video for beginners, I'm afraid - and a pretty time consuming project too!

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Thanks Paul for giving some expert advice.  It did look expensive.     When you say AE can't do the animation sequences.  Do you mean for this particular commercial.

I have read but never fully understood AE.   Is it primarily for certain kinds of animation? Because when i read about it,  all there is are references to animation.


Thank you


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AE is primarily for motion graphics and digital composites.  It would be perfect for assembling this type project but it will not create the 3d animation of the drill.  For that, you need a 3d solid modeler and animation package like Maya, Max, Lightwave, etc.

I've done a similar project for Viking Range Corporation when they rolled out a new line of dishwashers:  


  • We got 3D CAD drawings from the client and converted the files for use in Maya.
  • For compositing and adding type, final CC, etc, we used Flame.   We shared camera data with Flame using FBX. You can do the same thing in AE although the process is a little different.
  • Shoot talent on a turntable against green. 



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