What is Cubase LE 6?

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      I recently bought a Zoom H6 and it came with a copy of Cubase LE6, an audio editor.    I went to Amazon and to the Cubase website and I couldn't find a description of LE6.   What are its capabilities and how good is it?    Can I hook it up to a MIDI keyboard?   Can I use it with a VST "autotune" plug-in?   What would LE6 cost if I had to buy it on its own?


      Thanks in advance for any information!


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      If you scroll dsown to the bottom of the page, you'll see this:


      Cubase LE 6 Documentation
      May 24th, 2011
      The ZIP files available here include the complete Cubase LE 6 documentation which consists of the following PDF manuals in the respective language:



      A Google search turns up this page:



      It also turned up a few YouTube tutorials.


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      I can see the problem. What is Cubase (not just LE)


      Cubase is an audio workstation for music producers. It can record MIDI and audio – from whatever interfaces you add to the computer – so mine can record 8 separate MIDI inputs at the same time, it can output 8 separate MIDI streams, and currently 32 audio streams in and out at the same time.


      You can also use virtual studio technology – VST, and the obvious ones are instruments – synths, samplers and other clever gizmos, plus you can create reverb and effects processors onboard.


      You can edit MIDI and audio in a number of ways – using scores (as in real music dots on staves), or as a key editor – think old fashioned piano roll players, plus you can do it by text – as in a string of data for each musical event that came in by MIDI. You can also use a drum specific editor to help creating and editing drum tracks. That's the surface, but underneath are hundreds of useful features.


      Rather like video editing software, Cubase is available in many versions – depending on complexity and facilities. If you buy the top version, then you get bundled software samplers and extra facilities. LE has usually been given away free, bundled with hardware, to get you going. Many people find it sufficient, and never upgrade. Others like me have the full version, with loads of bells and whistles because I need them.


      It's damn good for a freebie. Be aware that software instruments can be very expensive – a piano might well cost you over $100/£150, and orchestra samplers even more money – but only if you want them. Does this help you?

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      Of course it is. There are so many additions from version to version that it's always a good idea to get to use the entry level product first. Many of the extras will only show themselves when you want to do more complex things. If you are heavily into MIDI equipment, then LE might be a little restrictive, but in general it's fine. Once you get to Elements, there's a useful comparison here.

      Click to access Cubase_Comparison_Chart.pdf

      However – you need to do the upgrade checking from this list.



      This should answer your version to version queries.


      I'd miss the drum editor, and a few others – but only you can decide, and if you've never used Cubase, then you won't really know …… yet. I've even found a few features I didn't know my version 7 has – so they're not all everyday ones, and so much depends on what you use it for. Spend some time, give it a go, and then after a few months look at the list again, and see if any jump out at you saying – if only I'd been available?

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      Thanks for the information and links!


      BTW, I posted roughly the same question to the Cubase English-language forum at about the same time as I posted to VideoMaker and so far I have received ZERO responses there!


      If their user community is has so little activity on it or is so unwilling to answer a few questions from a newbie it doesn't make Cubase sound like a good choice even if it is free.  This newbie has had a much friendlier reception when I've posted questions on the Audacity and Reaper forums.


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      I'm welcome for what?   You didn't answer any of my questions.  


      Your link just goes to a Cubase page that says says "This patch updates an existing Cubase LE 6 installation to the current version Cubase LE 6.0.7!".


      My question is what IS Cubase LE 6?  (capabilities, features, price, etc).     They don't have it listed under Products > Software.    I know LE6 is not their Elements product, because Cubase Elements is a $49 upgrade from LE6.  

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      @Paulears:  Thanks, but I understand (in general) what Cubase is.   It's the LE6 I'm trying to understand.   Where does it fit and how do its features compare with the rest of the Cubase product line?   I can't find it for sale seperately anywhere, but Cubase Elements is a $50 upgrade from LE6, and my understanding is that Cubase Elements is their entry-level beginner package, sort of like Photoshop Elements or Adobe Premier Elements.   


      So if their entry-level, beginner package is a $50 upgrade then is LE6 even worth installing or learning?


      Regarding a software keyboard, I have a full 88-key Yamaha electronic piano with a MIDI interface, so that will be my keyboard.   One thing I do need in the software is the ability to map a key on the physical keboard to an arbitrary sound of the appropriate pitch.

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