What is a good beginner camcorder?

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      My motorcycle hobbie took me in a very exciting direction last year.  I started my own travelogue channel on youtube.  The 4 videos are doing well considering I have no previous film making experience.


      I am working on getting some better equipment this year and a camcorder is at the top of my list.  I have tried to do some research but I am overwhelmed by all my choices.


      Here is a list of what I have to work with:

      No camcorder experience

      $700 camcorder budget

      Will purchase used

      Will purchase from eBay

      Using a Mac to edit

      Must fit on a motorcycle


      Any thing helps, I appreciate the direction.

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      Yes that is my channel. I started the project last summer with a Kodak zi8 and the original gopro. 
      I picked up a GoPro 2 a few months ago and plan on up grading the other camera to shoot all of the show in hi def.  My wife says I take on too many projects so I wasn't allowed to spend money on equipment until I knew I wanted to pursue this hobby. So, after a few months of making the first videos I have the green light to invest. 
      Thank you for the lead I will look at the camera. 
      Merry Christmas!
      Ps, I'll start on season 2 of more Idaho rides and a few out of state ones in march
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      Hi Eric – pretty sure this is your YouTube channel?  Great stuff. I lived in Mountain Home for 5 years and drove all over the state.  Your videos brought back some good memories.


      Yes, you need to step up your resolution.  You may want to look at a GoPro Hero3 Black action camera ($449 at Amazon, $360 lowest Buy It Now price on eBay).  


      This camera has no zoom and no LCD monitor.  It is designed as a helmetcam/handlebar cam/underwater cam etc.  But it produces very high resolution video and it survives weather conditions and road shock better than most other cameras.  It can produce stunning images like these:



      The other camera I recommend is the Panasonic X900 ($699 new from Amazon (back ordered), $699.95 lowest Buy It Now price on eBay). This is a standard camcorder with a viewfinder, LCD monitor, zoom lens, headphone jack, mic jack, etc.  This is the best camera you can get for $700. 


      Here is what it can do (please watch in 1080p):



      Hope this is helpful and best of the holidays!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution





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