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      Hi guys, I am new to shooting video proffesionally and intend to do wedding videos. I'm getting concerned about how I am going to add music to the videos without risking getting in trouble. Especially since I am doing it for free right now and don't want to be paying for royalty free music. I know that this subject has been beaten to death for years but I feel like the rules are changing. If you go to the Youtube audio library and start checking the rules on indivdual songs you will see that 90% of music is ok to play, but the artist will be able to monotize your video. So is it OK to add non royalty free music now since Youtube is making it profitable to the artist? And what exactly does it mean when they say the artist can put adds on my video? Will they actually show up over the video?

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      They are those annoying windows that pop up, with a little yellow line on the timeline bar. You might have a few seconds then you can skip the ad, or you may have to watch all opf it. 


      You cannot tell in advance what will happen. Sometimes you get a note telling you copyright music has been detected, but you don't have to do anything, other times your audio will be removed, other times they tell you it 'may' be copyright and ask you to declare the source – it all depends on what the copyright owner has lodged with them. many accept monitization, others require it to be removed.  It also means a perfectly ok video might lose it's sound a uear later when somebody queries it – and you might not even get told. One of mine had the sound removed even though it was orginal music, and I own it. Took ages to get it restored.


      If you are being paid, it's usualy best to clear copyright, because having your video silenced or loaded with ads doesn't look professional.


      You tube have a solution that is better than removal – but you can't predict the success.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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