What effect is this, and how to do it?

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      I've been watching a sweet music video, and I was wondering if you guys knew what this effect was called, wether it's possible to replicate, and how to do it? I wasn't sure if it was how it was filmed, or editted after.


      Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k9qDxyxS3s



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      Hmm interesting. That video is not available in USA, but why should that stop me πŸ˜‰ a little google detective work was all it took. Here is the link I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJEahE-4juQ


      Okay so I don't know if that is a real effect and I'm just not aware of it  but I could think of a couple ways it might be done:


      1. setup multiple angles of the same shot 2-3 I would guess and switch rapidly between angles no cuts and line up the time stamp between shots perfectly to keep this illusion whatever its called smooth.


      2. Probably the more simple one but I'm not so sure this is what they used for this video would be to take a shot in high resolution then zoom in during post and use the pan and crop tool to give the effect of motion on a still shot if done right this could produce something similar to what is in the video.


      I'm sure there are other ways, and maybe someone would have more insight into the specifics of what this effect is called.

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      Oh and on a personal note while this is a cool effect the producers of this music video went a little overboard in my humble opinion. They should have used this more sparingly instead of making it look like the whole thing was filmed in a weird side to side earthquake, but that's my opinion.

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      Looks like it was done with two cameras shooting simutaneously. At first glance it looks like it could have been shot with a 3D camera and they edited rapidly back and forth between the left and right images but the camera angles between the two are too dramatic at times (plus the rotation of the two cameras is often off from each other but that could have been done in post to make the effect more dramatic). Like when shooting 3D, frame each camera on your subject (the singer or the girl walking in this case) so that the background does the shifting and not the subject otherwise it will prove annoying after a while. Some adjusting will no doubt have to done in post. Syncing up the shots, editing them and then editing the effect will be time consuming. Good luck.



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