What effect is this?

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      The Slo-mo Panning effect whilst the backround is not focused?

      sorry if im not using the proper terminology, im interested in this, but just a beginner…
      thanks so much!

      – X

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      Camera is moving, mounted on a slider probably, from the left to the right. This is technically referred to as a “dolly” or “trucking” shot. In a “Pan” the camera does move, but rotates its view horizontally (changing the degree the camera’s view is angled up or down is called a “tilt”). The background is out of focus due to a shallow depth of field. To achieve an out-of-focus background, use a wider apeture (f-stop), move foreground object closer and the background farther away. A larger image sensor will also have less depth of field than a smaller one.

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      Yep. What he said. Definitely a trucking shot using a dolly or slider.You can tell that it’s done during production because the light reflections move with the shot and perspective on the subject changes, as does the background in relation to the subject. Post-production pans feel artificial because there’s no change in perspective or background.

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